Payment methods


Accepted cards: All credit cards.

Using your credit card for your purchases at the online store is absolutely safe as long as you follow the instructions. Once you have completed all the information required to register your order, you will automatically be taken to the secure site of Viva Wallet where you will be able to fill out your credit card details directly.

In order to pay by credit card, you must fill in the relevant form with the exact name of the cardholder, the number and expiration date of your credit card, and the three-digit number (CVV) on the back of the card.

Checking and payment is immediate as long as you are connected to Viva Wallet.

In every purchase case, the buyer should also be the cardholder used for the transaction.


All card payments are processed through the Viva Wallet electronic payment platform and use TLS 1.2 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


The customer pays with the delivery of the order at his place, the courier of the courier company, who acts on the order of Collect on delivery is valid only for deliveries within Greece.